Aug 30, 2010

To use Script Component or Derived Column Transformation?? Is the question..

This is an old debate and yet not resolved. To use Script Component or Derived Column Transformation??
Yes Derived Column Transformation can NOT do all that can be done in Script Component.
Advantages of Script Component:

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Script Component–Source Part1

One of the most advance feature of SSIS is Script design capability provided be it Script Task in Control Flow or Script Component in Data Flow Task. I have seen people use the Script task pretty often but avoid Script Component because of various reasons.  Earlier I had shown how to set up user variable in Script component. Today I will demonstrate how to use Script Component as a Source for the below flat file:


Notice that the Column values are coming in new rows and the column header is present in all the all the rows.

While the output should be in the following format:
Name     Age        Sex
Rohit      28          Male
Mohit      20          Male
Ram       28          Male
Shyam   20          Male


SSIS - Managing Control Flow based on the input file name

Many times during ETL we have a requirement where based on the file name we have to perform certain operations. Normally within a For Each Loop with File enumerator in Control Flow Task there is no direct way of doing this. If the file mask matches, well and good but nothing beyond that. I demonstrate this with a scenario.... read more

Aug 16, 2010

Less known/used property: ExecValueVariable

At times I have seen in SSIS forums people ask about the way they can know the number of records updated by a query or deleted by a query in an Execute SQL Task in control flow. Even I replied at times that its not possible(in a direct manner), until I read about the property ExecValueVariable.

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